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Dietaura™ is a wonderful platform to meet your health and diet related goals. We help you to optimize overall well- being by creating a healthy relationship with food. We further encourage you to understand what you eat and build a healthy positive lifestyle. Thus, we at Dietaura™ not only focus on one aspect of Healthy Living but ensure that our clients understand all the six essential pillars of healthy living. Our vision is to provide our clients a platform to reach their health and fitness goals to transform themselves to a new and healthy being.

Our Founder

Anupreet Kaur Sobti

I strongly believe in the fact that ‘everything we eat is either fighting disease or feeding it’. Nutrition isn’t just about following a diet plan by eliminating food in diet but it is learning how to live. It is a permanent lifestyle change. Maintaining an ideal weight and a healthy body is a lifetime commitment. Look beyond calories with a holistic approach. Enjoy practical methods and relive your life by achieving your long- term goals that last for a lifetime.



I’m Anupreet Sobti. I am a qualified nutritionist (B.Sc. and M.Sc. Gold Medalist) and a Health and Nutrition Life Coach. I am an enthusiast of Integrative Nutrition. I founded Dietaura with an aim to provide my clients with appropriate knowledge about food and holistic nutrition through one-to-one consultation. Through appropriate online diet counseling and follow up sessions, I share my passion to help people change their perspective towards food and diet. I have undergone extensive clinical training in reputed hospitals of Chandigarh to have my hands on nutritional requirements for various clinical conditions.

In addition, I’ve written more than 50 newspaper articles naming a few of them- ‘Our body calls for a digital detox’, ‘Now is the right time for a Lifestyle check’, ‘Address your Mental Health’ etc. to give insightful knowledge to the readers about Health and Lifestyle. I am also an Author and have many publications to my name.

I’ve also conducted live sessions and panel discussions on ‘Addressing the Health of Teachers’ on the occasion of Teachers’ Day and ‘The Vicious Diet Cycle in Adolescents’ to unveil various problems and unbox various healthier choices that can be incorporated according to various stages of lifecycle and according to varied professions and lifestyle.

I have a number of publications and book chapters to my name. I'm also an awardee for the National and  International conferences for my review papers. I've also qualified for my UGC NET JRF Exam. I am constantly working harder to take my knowledge and skills to a greater level to improve the health of people and definitely continuous education and study keeps my hunger for food and knowledge satiated.

Very recently, I was honored with the 'Top 100 Dietitians of India award

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