Dietaura™ provides you with the best possible health and balanced diet programs which is safe and beneficial to all like any other health program with affordable prices.

It has to be followed judiciously and cautiously with your much needed dedication towards your target. The results may vary from one person to another and is directly proportional to your dedication and sincerity in following your diet plan.

Begin with the journey of diet and lifestyle change with a positive perspective and move ahead with a spirit of food fun with innovative diet plans.

Important Information

Payment of package chosen by you shall have to be made in full and in advance. The fee is NON- REFUNDABLE and NON- TRANSFERABLE. Kindly do not claim for refund of consultation fee, if you leave the package mid-way on your own. Further, the package will start from the date of joining the program and will be considered as over the due date calculated as per the selected package


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